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26 Jun 2017
Segway Sunday

Segway 250wOn Sunday 18 June the Boarding House had a trip to the Falkirk Wheel and Segway riding. It was a lot of fun! Our instructor, Aidan showed each of us one by one how to ride a Segway safely and how to move about on it. It was quite funny watching everyone because no one had their balance and everyone was moving very slowly. I was the first one to ride the Segway, and after learning how to go forwards and backwards, Aidan told me to move a fair distance away from him and then move as fast as I could towards him. Initially I thought that that was a terrible idea but it was okay because I stopped quickly. One by one, we all went through this and once everyone was ready we went along the route, with Aidan at the front leading us. It was a lot of fun once we got the hang of it. 

Falkirk Wheel 250w2I am a very fast learner and quite competitive so when we reached a field and were given 5 minutes to practise moving on bumpy surfaces, I went very fast and did sharp turns. It was a little unnerving when we had to go on a very bumpy surface but everybody did it and nobody had an accident. I think Aidan was showing off a little because he went very fast down the hill and did zig-zag patterns. I was able to copy his actions exactly, I am pleased to say. I think he was surprised that none of us had fallen over or screamed at this point. It took us a while to get over the adrenaline rush and we're all looking forward to going back there again.

Katriona, L6


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