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26 Jun 2017
BBC Terrific Scientific

Visitor 600w

The BBC terrific scientific program provided us with lots of different investigations to do, but the most popular one that everyone enjoyed was one about trees! The investigation was about the carbon value in each individual tree. First, Maths set 1 went over to the Upper School and numbered all the trees in the grounds which took up almost a full period.  We numbered around 120 trees, and we also had to identify all of them by the shape of their leaf. Some of them were really hard to figure out! By the end of the lesson we had to get back to class so we had to leave the measuring part to the next day.

The process of measuring the trees included drawing, measuring and more.  To measure these trees we had to get lots of different resources including: string, measuring tape, scissors, chalk, rulers and different work sheets.

We were all split into groups of 4 within our Mathematics set. First, we measured 130cm above the ground and then marked it with some chalk. Second, we used the string to go around the tree from the place we marked 130cm from the ground at the back of the tree. Third, we put the string around the tree and then measured it to find out the circumference of the tree. Fourth, we got the ruler and walked backwards to we could see the top of the tree and the bottom in the 30 cm ruler. Fifth, while we were still standing away we got someone's hand to go up and down until their hand was at the 3cm mark and then we measured how high it was from the ground. Sixth, we recorded how high it was and then multiplied it by 10. Seventh, we worked out the carbon value with a chart and recorded it on the worksheet.

Once every single tree had been recorded, we submitted our results to the BBC website and within the week they had uploaded the total value of carbon in our school which was 99867.6 kg of carbon. We were very happy with our results. Because of these amazing results and the results for our 'time' investigation, we won a visit from a real Paralympic athlete. In conclusion, we thought this activity was fun and educational for our year group.

Addison, Esme, Chloe and Eliza, P6P

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