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26 Jun 2017

IMG 7226On Friday 9 June, we did a LEPRA workout. LEPRA is a charity that helps children and adults with leprosy. We were given envelopes to collect donations for the charity. People collected money in different ways. Some girls got paid for doing household chores whilst others had bake sales. Someone even sold plants and Hattie sold some of her paintings. A lot of girls raised more than £25 and got a little LEPRA alarm clock. LEPRA came to give us a workout as a reward for collecting so much money. It was really good fun, but very hard work!

Charlotte H and Isla M

LEPRA came into school to do a presentation about leprosy.  After that, we had two weeks to collect as much money as we could. We all went around doing activities to raise money for LEPRA. Some of the ways people raised money were cycling, cleaning the house, asking politely, having bake sales and washing cars. We were rewarded today with a workout. We all really enjoyed it. We didn't know raising money could be so much fun!

Lucie P

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