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26 Jun 2017
Merchiston Languages Morning

On Tuesday 13 June we went to a languages morning at Merchiston. We had four language workshops. They were Spanish, Chinese, German and French. My favourite was the French workshop. We played scrabble in French and I knew lots of words. The German workshop was very interesting because I learnt a lot about pronunciation. We learnt the numbers and then we played bingo. In Chinese, we were thrown in at the deep end! We had to see how many Chinese words we could learn in two minutes. We were given a fortune cookie at the end.

Spanish was really fun because we learnt about the different countries in Latin America and we had to colour different flags. This activity helped us to learn colours in Spanish. It was a brilliant morning because we got to learn such a lot and meet new people. Thank you to all the staff at Merchiston for giving us such fantastic morning.

Tessa, P6X

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