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26 Jun 2017
Internet Safety PTF

Mix 250w3The focus of the most recent Parent Teacher Forum was Internet Safety, highlighting the importance of parents discussing the topic with their children, and supporting them behaving safely and responsibly online. During the session Mr John Hughes, Head of Faculty: Technologies and Information Services and Sgt Nathan Readie (Youth Justice, Public Protection Unit, Police Service of Scotland) presented some of the latest advice from the NSPCC and other organisations on the importance of parents talking to their children about how they use the internet, devices and apps.

Sgt Readie highlighted the legal implications of some online behaviour in respect to the law, in particular sexting. An overview of the Internet safety training given to students was presented along with a range of online resources which are available to support parents in understanding Apps and their safety features. These are listed below along with the answer sheet for the homework task set for parents, the top tips sheet and two Apps that parents may find useful.

Information Websites to support parents and learn about Apps


NSPCC Share Aware

H2B Safer


Advice on setting up your devices safely for children

Apple Family Safety UK

Google Family Safety Centre UK

Microsoft Family Safety Centre UK

Controlling Apps

Selfie Cop



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