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27 Jun 2017
Primary 2 visit the Botanical Gardens

Summer tree 200wTo finish off our topic on plants, Primary 2 visited the Botanical Gardens last week. When we arrived we ate our snack in the yurt and then headed out to our first session- 'The Secret Life of Trees'. We learnt all about trees, how they grow and how they stay alive. We tasted some tree sap and we made some miniature trees out of twigs and leaves.

After our picnic lunch, we had our second session, which was 'Plants we use'. We went into the green houses for this session and got to try some exotic fruits. We learnt that we use plants for lots of different things including clothing and kitchen utilities. Finally, we had to search around the vegetable patches to try to find different edible parts of a plant. We found out that we can eat some roots, some stems, some flowers, some leaves and most fruits that grow.

Here are some of our favourite parts of the day:

My favourite part was when I had to find the bags of different pieces of a plant. You could also eat the food. You could eat beetroot, broccoli and so on.

Sofia P2Y

My favourite bit was when we made the trees from leaves, bark, sticks and moss.

Ghorgie P2X

My favourite part was going in the cactus room. It was hot like in the desert.

Isla P2Y

My favourite part was having lunch outside because we got to play afterwards.

Amelia P2X

My favourite part was when me and Sophia were taking turns being blindfolded. We had to stick our hands out like a zombie and take each other’s arms. The person blindfolded had to feel the trees.

Anabelle P2Y

I liked tasting all the fruits. Papaw fruits, pineapple and sap.

Martha P2X

My favourite part was when we put mirrors under our noses so we could see like bugs. I enjoyed it because I felt like I was going to fall into the sky.

Lucy P2Y

My favourite bit was when we were in the green house and we were looking at the lily pads.

Zara P2X

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