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29 Jun 2017
The Lower 4 Ball

Lower 4 had their ball with Merchiston Castle school last week. All the girls put a lot of effort into getting ready for the ball and looked gorgeous. The boys also put in effort to getting ready. We were really lucky to have a band that the boys had created, called "The Detours". They played American Idiot and another song called Our Generation. The Lower 4 committee decorated the drama studio with posters and fairy lights. The theme was Hollywood.

We had some Ceilidh dancing to get us and the boys to speak to each other, as we were nervous too! Joanna Abe from L4X sang "Titanium" and she really finished the party off. We all had an excellent night and really enjoyed the ball. There was a photo booth and we could all go and get our photos taken. Three of the U6 girls were there to help with the ball  and they also showed us how to dance!  It was nice for Merchiston to come along and join us for this amazing event.

By Aleeza and Ruby, L4X

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