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08 Aug 2017
Breadth and Flexibility of Qualifications and Courses Contribute to Examination Success at St George’s School

Alex Hems for websiteThe students of St George’s School for Girls in Edinburgh have reason to celebrate again this year as they learned their SQA examination results this morning.

Mrs Alex Hems, who took over as Head in January, commented:

‘We're exceptionally proud of all of our girls today.  The strength of our results stems from the fact that although we remain a relatively small school in the junior years our growth in the examination years helps us provide flexibility in our academic curriculum so we can offer more choices and subject combinations when girls embark on public exams.  

‘We pride ourselves on being able to provide a bespoke portfolio of courses for each girl that suits her needs and aspirations.

‘Our academic curriculum is a unique mix of GCSEs at 16 followed by Highers and Advanced Highers in the Sixth Form. The academic rigour and flexibility that this blend of the two systems gives ensures breadth whilst developing the valuable study skills and work ethic these courses require.’

‘Our curriculum has been given a sector-leading rating by Education Scotland.’

At Higher level this year, the school attained an impressive 92% pass rate (A-C grade) (national pass rate 77%), and consistent with the school’s record for passes in recent years.  More than half of examination passes secured were at A, and 79% achieved an A or B grade. 24 (20%) students received A grades in 5 or more Higher examinations and 26 achieved A grades in all the examinations they sat.

At Advanced Higher there was an excellent 96% pass rate (A-C grade) (national pass rate 80%), with 85% of grades awarded at A or B grade. 15 (13%) students received A grades in 3 or more subjects.

Mrs Hems said:

‘This year's excellent results are a testament to the students' hard work and commitment, and, of course, to the dedication of our teaching staff.

‘The girls have performed really well; some of them had already accepted unconditional offers from Scottish and English universities on the basis of their Higher results from last year. This reflects the excellent work ethic and high expectations in all-girls’ schools.

‘A high percentage of our leavers are going on to their first choice of university reading subjects from Medical Sciences, Maths and Engineering, to History, Law, Finance and Business. We have a high percentage going to the premier league Russell Group of universities including Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Imperial College and University College, London, and St Andrews.

‘We wish all of our sixth-year leavers the very best, confident that we have equipped them with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their future academic and professional careers.’


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