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07 Sep 2017
Lower School student competes in British Show Jumping

Tess showjumping
In the summer holidays, I went down to the British Show Jumping National Championships in England. I qualified for two classes: the 1.00m just for schools final and the 138 Silver League final. I had one pole down in the 1.00m on the first day and I was a little disappointed because I thought I would do really well in that class. I came 12th which is still really good.

On the second day, I had the Silver League final, which I was expecting not to do very well in. I was just going to give it a go for practice. I ended up getting the last pole down but I had the fastest time of all the people who had one pole down, and only five people went round clear, so I came 6th, which was amazing! I also did the best out of all the people who were in pony club, so I got a sash and a rosette and then did my lap of honor. I was very pleased with how I did and my pony Crag was amazing.

Tess, L4X

Tess again 2

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