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07 Sep 2017
Debating Masterclass

SOS Logo Words Plus 250wUpper School girls took part in the first of a series of workshops designed to enhance their debating skills on Tuesday afternoon this week. Offered by Stand Out Speaking, the sessions will develop their ability to frame arguments, structure speeches, offer rebuttal and debate tactically.

Today's session focused on analysis, and generating material, particularly considering all of the different people and groups who would be impacted by a motion.

The girls had a broad range of experience - everything from a two-time competition winner, to a complete novice. We even had one especially brave exchange student from Chile!

Over the course of the session, they considered motions about removing statues from public places, the rise of voluntourism and societal pressure to attend university; the girls worked together to brainstorm ideas, then took key points to develop and refine their analysis.

There will be nine more workshops this term, enhancing their debating skills and strategies, which will help the girls’ confidence and performance in competitions (although it may lead to less peace at home!).

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