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07 Sep 2017
Nursery News - First Week Back
10838325 xxl LFirst week in Big Owls

Our first week in Pre-school has been busy with the Big Owls settling back into the nursery routine! Our Circle Time was buzzing with stories from our summer adventures and, as we all had fun, we decided to go traveling again!

A suitcase appeared in our classroom on Monday morning and the girls found all sorts of things in it: passports, tickets, maps, clothes, stories and games! Where are we going? How are we going to get there? What are we going to pack? What is the weather like there? The girls are now working on their own suitcases, decorating them and filling them with important things for their trip!

Our mornings and afternoons are always full of songs, art and craft, exercise and outdoor adventures! The girls enjoyed making playdough cakes, building houses for the “little people” and pretending to be doctors at the house corner.  Remembering to follow the “Golden” rules was very important during the first week! Luckily, we had lots of helping hands, kind words, quiet voices and marshmallow feet!

Our week ended with a birthday party (and cake) in the Fantastical Forest! Thank you for a great first week Big Owls!

First week in Little Owls

The Little Owls have been settling into their new environment, re-establishing friendships and building new relationships with peers and staff.  They have been designing a huge caterpillar birthday board, creating circles and strengthening their fine motor skills. The girls and boys have loved finding their own “Mini Me” around the playrooms and we look forward to using these for self-registration in the coming days.

They have been exploring the various outdoor spaces, listening to stories, playing with the building blocks, using loose parts, helping to unearth potatoes to make wedges for snack, celebrating Eid al-Adha and developing our sand and water play areas.

What a busy first week we have had!

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