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14 Sep 2017
ALUMNAE: Life After St George's

2017 Leavers Visit U6 640w2

This week at U6 Development Programme we were visited by a group of former students from the class of 2016. The girls recounted their experiences from the past year, the majority having been at university with a few having taken gap years. The purpose of their visit was to make us feel at ease with the thought of leaving school and being on our own.

The main topics touched on included their halls of residence, making friends and of course the different process of learning at university. Some stories surrounding Freshers' Week were also discussed! All of the visitors had thoroughly enjoyed their first year away from school. The humorous way in which the girls spoke made the discussion enjoyable for the U6 students, and we feel more excited about and ready for the university or gap year preparations ahead. Despite being full of fun, the session was also very informative and the wide variety of courses and universities chosen meant that there was something useful for every student in the audience. We will treasure the advice that was given to us through our applications and the year ahead. 

Eve, U6

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