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14 Sep 2017
U6 Development Programme

Gap Year 640w

On Wednesday 6 September, the Upper Sixth were given a talk about life after St George’s presented by twelve of the leavers of 2016. We heard accounts from every single one of them about what they had accomplished after leaving School, with some of them having headed straight to universities all around the United Kingdom as well as some who had taken alternative routes such as gap years. They explained how leaving such a nurturing environment felt like a daunting prospect in their last year of school, but they agreed that they felt ready to leave when the time came.  Some of the girls then went on to explain to us what sort of things they did in their gap year, despite some of them not being fully planned in advance. One girl travelled to south East Asia while another travelled to Australia and then South America for 5 months. Hearing about opportunities such as these allowed us to consider that there are still enriching opportunities other than university that we can get involved in after school. 

2017 Leavers Visit U6 640w

Some gap year programmes and specific charities were mentioned such as Think Pacific and Project Trust which has sparked enthusiasm among girls in Upper 6. As for the girls who decided to go to university straight away, they informed us what university would feel like and that although university seemed difficult at first and very different from school, you become used to the new regime after a while. We were also given handy practical hints and tips on how to transport all of our things to universities using a helpful website, We were given so many invaluable pieces of advice, with the main points being; be proactive with work, stick with it even if you struggle in the beginning, and throw yourself into the university experience.

Anna, U6

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