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21 Sep 2017
Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award

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Last weekend I embarked on my fourth Duke of Edinburgh experience. Silver DofE was an exceptional experience to come upon. I have done Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and I thoroughly enjoyed it but Silver is a completely different experience and a level up. Personally, I found it incredibly challenging and was pushed out of my comfort zone, but looking back I am so glad I chose to do it and do something I wouldn’t normally do. I feel it has brought me so many advantages and hopefully opened up many more doors for me in later life. Doing Duke of Edinburgh has made me appreciate home a lot more(!!), try new things, experience situations I never thought I would, bond with new people and make friendships even stronger than before. It is a challenge and a lot of hard work from volunteering out of school to the real expedition but is all an experience I would never change. After completing my Silver Duke of Edinburgh, I have realised that it has brought me more good than bad opportunities (not my thought at the time of the expedition on the second day after walking 21k but everyone pulls through in the end). It truly emphasises the phrase “blood, sweat and tears” but overall, I would recommend it to everyone and anyone as it is an experience we are lucky to have and should take in our stride…literally.

Cara, (L6)

Last weekend I, along with two other girls from school, embarked on my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition. On Wednesday, we travelled up to Strathallan School where we joined three other girls completing our expedition group. From there we went up north to Aviemore. We spent the following four days trekking through the Cairngorms. We were very lucky with the weather and only had to endure a few wild showers of rain as opposed to previous Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Having survived the midges, I was happy to be back in the boarding house on Sunday night. While I had been dreading this expedition for weeks, I am really glad I did it. The sense of achievement perhaps even eclipses the blisters on my feet!

Eilidh, (U6)

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