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05 Oct 2017
Lothian Area Team Young Enterprise Scotland
Can You Run a Business Conference  
RBS HQ Gogarburn Edinburgh, Sat 23 Sept 2017  

The Lothian Area Team held their first ever training day of this kind at the Royal Bank of Scotland Head Office Event Space in Gogarburn, Edinburgh. Nearly 200 people attended: students, link teachers, business advisors, speakers and workshop organisers from many diverse areas of business attended the event.

Several students from the five Young Enterprise companies at St George’s were amongst the number of young entrepreneurial students who came along not only to listen to truly inspiring keynote speakers but also to participate in training workshops to help them on their Young Enterprise business journey.

The keynote speakers were:

  • James Shaw from Jag Shaw Baker: advises entrepreneurs, companies & investors across high-growth technology markets such as life sciences, clean tech & digital tech markets.
  • Naill Grant from WorkbaseHR:  Affordable online Human Resources software that helps small and medium sized businesses manage their HR easily.

They both had the students enthralled as they spoke about their own entrepreneurial journeys with the ups and downs they both faced from starting quite young in the business world through to the successful businesses that they both have now.

Throughout the day the students had plenty to choose from to make up a timetable for the day. There were workshops on offer about general business areas such as marketing, branding, negotiating and selling. They had a choice of learning about up to date areas of IT such as using social media to advertise their business and web design to build their own website. They also had areas specific to running the Young Enterprise business such as report writing, finance and presentation skills. The business volunteers were from diverse backgrounds such as a small individual business up to large business and support from academic staff at Heriot Watt and Napier University. Napier University Bright Red Triangle team ran a “war room “over the course of the day where the students were able to run their business ideas past them and receive constructive criticism and advice on the way ahead.

This was a stimulating and exciting day for all concerned, both adults and students. The Young Enterprise students will have a much better awareness of the risks and challenges they face running a small Young Enterprise business and making it successful.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the members of the Young Enterprise Lothian Area Team who made this rewarding day happen.

Sandra Stenhouse

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