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05 Oct 2017
Primary 6 Camp

P6 Camp 2017 640wThis year at camp we did a lot of fun things. Our personal favourite was the Mohawk Walk. You had to get around the course without your feet touching the ground. We had to walk on the wire with a partner. We called them spotters. The spotters helped us through the course. There were ropes to help us too. After we had made it round once, we made it into a contest. After that we did it again - BLINDFOLDED! After the Mohawk Walk we had fish fingers and baked beans for lunch, then we did a three hour walk. During the walk we found some reeds and inside them there was white stuff that you could eat. We brought our teddies because we thought it was a teddy bear picnic! We drank nettle tea and then went for dinner. We ate rice and chicken or sausage curry. Then we did our evening activity and then we had supper. We had some time to chat in our dorms and eventually we fell asleep! The next morning we had breakfast and then we started the night line and made our instructor Euan do it too. He got covered in mud. After lunch, we did archery and problem solving. P6 camp was brilliant!

Saanvi, Beth and Sophie M

Last week we went to Broomlee. We all got mixed up into groups to do activities. One was Tree Climbing then there was the Night Line. This is when you’re blindfolded and hold on to a rope and you go through obstacles. There was also an activity called the Mohawk Walk which you hold onto a rope and you balance whilst walking on a steel wire. In the evening, we did the egg drop. We did a quiz and then we got materials to wrap our eggs to protect them from the instructors when they played tennis with them. All the eggs died except one, which one of the instructors smashed on his forehead! One of the activities was archery and we played a game that if you got your arrow on the target then you got a spoon. If you got your second arrow on the target you got a knife and if you got your third arrow you got a fork to eat your lunch.  Lots of people had to eat their lunch with no cutlery at all! We had a fantastic time at camp.

Isabel, Sophie H, Sofia K & Ailsa

At camp we did so many awesome activities. We did Tree Climbing, a Country Walk, the Mohawk Walk, the Night Line, Archery and Egg Tennis and they were really fun activities! The instructors were all really nice, friendly and very keen to help us throughout our activities. The food was really nice as well. Everyone took part really well and contributed fully in the activities, and every single person achieved at least one or two of their targets in their scary or stretch zones. Some people used to be a little scared of insects and creepy crawlies but now they have stretched out of that fear at camp! And some of us were scared of being away from home but now we are not so scared anymore. We all loved camp and wish we could go back again. Thank you to all the instructors for giving us such an amazing time at camp.

Melissa and Maighdlin, P6X

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